My Blog is Suffering

I am struggling with this dang blog! I think it’s good that I only have 1 child. It seems I can only keep one thing alive at a time! My other blog is thriving, and healthy. This blog is sickly and pale, and lean. My other blog has a happy pink background, this one suffers in comparison. My other blog was started a few hours before this one, it’s like the healthy twin. This blog feels depressed, forlorn, and second-rate.

Blog, it’s not really my fault! I have checked in often to see how you are doing, and have often been rejected from being able to feed you or clothe you. You have often caused me much stress and torment because you don’t make it easy for me to change things I don’t like about you. I know you want me to like you for who you are, but I don’t think I can do that anymore!

I am at a loss. Is there blog counseling we can go to, you and I? Are you beyond saving? Is it me? Maybe I’m just too good for you. Who knows?


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