Blogging…. it’s not just about YOU!

Hello. My name is Erin and I have no life. (“Hi…… Erin!”)  Thank you. Today, because I have no life and can take time to think about a lot of things…. especially because I’m sick…..I am going to talk about what is wrong with the rest of you!  Oh, no one in particular, so don’t get all in a tizzy.  Mainly, what is wrong with others who don’t rely on their imaginary friends in internet land to supply them with the missing life they don’t have.

 In this world today, it is clear that people are moving more and more away from personal interraction and toward total isolation. You can shop the internet for groceries, gifts, clothing, even psychological help! You can type your questions to a person in another country who will attempt to help you diagnose your computer problems, or figure out why your phone has a fuzzy sound on it. You can even try out different hair styles on a picture of your face rather than talk to a stylist. (I take this one step further and actually do the hair cutting myself, as well!)  And thanks to the world of blogging and web pages, people can now have “friends” all over the world…. friends they never actually have to “talk” to….. never have to babysit their kids… never have to listen to them ramble on and on and on about relationship problems….. (well, some do on their blogs, and that’s totally cool, but you don’t HAVE to read the whole thing, and they never know that you didn’t!).

I have to admit, I am a mixture of old and new thinking. I still love to go grocery shopping and talking to the checkers. I like baking cookies once in a while and taking them to a neighbor. I like getting  a phone call from a long lost friend. I also like the convenience of ordering gifts off the internet. I love the fact that I don’t have to drag my son to the store with me to shop for clothing, or try to sneak Christmas presents under my coat in the cart while he isn’t looking. I buy them online, instead! I also love that I can read about fascinating people and their lives through their blogs. I may never meet them, but that’s totally cool with me.  Now, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. I only spend a few minutes each day actually blogging….. but there are those out there who’s life blood is supplied via blogs…. I am only thinking of them!

So, with allllll that said….. what is wrong with you people who don’t post a blog every day???!!!! What could possibly be more important than spending time writing about day to day stuff that goes on in your life? What? You think spending time with your children is more important? You think that helping them with their homework takes precedence over blogging? Well, I’m sorry, but you have your priorities screwed up! What about the many many people who are hanging on your every word each day? What about those who sit anxiously at their computer monitor… clicking each blog with anticipation…. then going away feeling empty and alone when you haven’t posted that day?  Think about your responsibility to those who have embraced the new internet age and no longer know how to have actual human interraction without moving their fingers at lightening speed to type their responses!  Just think about it!

I must admit, I have failed in this. I have allowed myself to become caught up in sewing aprons and taking care of my family that I have neglected the rest of you.  I will try to do better. I won’t call to apologize, so don’t wait for the phone to ring… if you still have one. I will simply type “I’m sorry” and put a little 🙂   you know what that means, don’t you. I don’t know how to emoticon a hug, though… sorry. 



  1. Loralee said,

    April 4, 2008 at 9:56 am


    I am sometimes grateful for bloggers who don’t post every day, but then you should see the number of blogs I have in my reader. If everyone posted every day, I.would.die.


  2. wells111 said,

    May 16, 2008 at 8:02 am

    You are so funny! I do come to blogs for my outside world! Sad huh? And I would like to know why you have this other blog? Just curious!

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